Nintendo takes us back in time with the SNES Classic

The SNES Classic edition feels like traveling back in time, to when video games of today were just imagined as future tech. It looks very identical to the original SNES but it’s not the exact copy, the entire console is just about the size of 2 game cartridges stacked on top of each other. Apart from the size there are some other changes on this classic. The cartridge slot doesn’t open and the whole front ,where controller ports used to be, flips open, allowing access to the Wii style controller ports inside. It looks really weird for those used to the original SNES, I mean those ports could have been placed right in front, just like the original SNES which would have made it look more original.

This tiny classic console gives you a chance to replay 21 major titles from the original SNES, like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past, Super Metroid, Super Mario World and etc. The games are fewer compared to last years NES Classic Edition but Nintendo has focused more on Quality than Quantity. The SNES Classic edition is a marvelous emulation for HD screens with both 4:3 screen ratio and pixel perfect mode.

Just like the NES Classic, it will include modern features that make gameplay much more convenient, like Suspend Points, which allow you to save at any time in any game, and the rewind feature to go back a minute or so, to replay difficult sections in a game so you don’t have to replay an entire level like you did with the original SNES. There are no new buttons on the controllers so unfortunately, you’ll need to stand up and push the consoles reset button to return to the main menu and use to use those feature, which can be quite a pain if you just found your perfect comfort position on the couch. This time the classic console will come packed with 2 controllers for some multiplayer action right out of the box and better yet, the controller cords are approximately twice as long as the NES Classis’s cords, but that’s still not long enough for those who have their couches quite a distance away from the TV, so you’ll probably want to get a longer HDMI cable.

The SNES Classic edition is a great console if you want a replay of your childhood games, or if you a new age gamer wanting to catch up with golden oldie games.


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