The Samsung Galaxy X – Samsungs first foldable phone that will actually be released

A full-display foldable phone is something that has been predicted for the far future, but it seems like Samsung already has one coming soon. Galaxy X

It is well known now that Samsung is working on a foldable phone called the Galaxy X, and Samsung has seemingly confirmed it. A support page went up on Samsung’s website for the SM-888N0, as spotted by Dutch-language site MobielKopen. The support doc doesn’t offer much details on what family of devices the SM-888 might be, but the model number has been associated with the Galaxy X many times in the past.


The Galaxy X wouldn’t be Samsung’s first foldable phone. Over the years, Samsung has been fiddling with foldable phones, but was never ready to launch one. It’s possible we could see the Galaxy X as soon as January 2018, at CES. The phone is so complicated, it might see limited launch before manufacturing en-masse. As the ‘N0’ in the model number suggests, it will only be launching in South Korea.

It isn’t the first shape-changing phone to try take a shot in the market. Lenovo already attempted with their bendable phone that you can wear like a smartwatch. Unfortunately for Lenovo, the phone didn’t make it very far and now Samsung is taking a shot at it.

It’s quite a risk for Samsung to be launching such an untested concept of a phone, but a full-display foldable phone; totally worth a try. Samsung isn’t the first to work on a foldable phone but they’re probably trying to claim the title of being the first to launch one.

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