Samsung Galaxy S9 release date, price news and rumors – Everything we know so far

Surfing accross the internet, you will find a lot of Rumors about the Galaxy S9, in this article we’ve narrowed down all the necesary information about the S9. Here’s what we know so far about next big smartphone

The Galaxy S8 was in stores early 2017, and Samsung has already confirmed it’s next flagship will be launching in February, the Galaxy S9. Samsung hasn’t revealed much of this upcoming flagship, but there are a lot of leaks and rumors about it accross the internet. We’ve narrowed down all the necessary imformation you need to know about the S9.

Price and release date

At the moment we do not know the exact date the Galaxy S9 will be launched, but we know it’s very soon. President of Samsungs mobile division, Dj Koh, has confirmed in an interview with ZDnet that the S9 will be ready for launch at some point in February this year. When exactly the phone will go on sale isn’t very clear, but we can expect to find it in stores sometime during March. Looking at the Galaxy S8’s launch price; $720, E689, AU$1,199, we can surely expect the S9 to be quite expensive.


One of the most exciting rumors of the S9 is that it will have an in-screen fingerprint scanner, but don’t get so excited yet for it’s still just a rumor. There’s a very good chance it will be the same size as the Galaxy S8 with a 5.8inch curved display and will retain the S8’s 18.5:9 aspect ratio. An image of the S9’s retail box has leaked, listing a 5.8inch Super AMOLED screen. In 2016, Samsung licensed a new glass coating technology that makes water bounce off your smartphone screen. We did not see this on Galaxy S8 so it is likely to included in the upcoming S9.




According to most rumors and rendered images supposedly showing the S9, it will look very similar to the S8 (expected), with the fingerprint scanner either moved beneath the camera lens or moved to the front right under the screen. We not very certain about the position of the fingerprint scanner on the S9, but there are 3 possibilities. Either it might be on the rear of the device just beneath the camera lens, or right under in the dispay, or at the bottom of the display with a small notch just lik the Essential Phone but at the bottom. Either way, the fingerprint scanner will be placed much better than it was on the S8.

The front and back will both use a curved glass wth very small bezels. It will have both a 3.5mm headphone port (thankfully) and whats presumably a Bixby button. The S9 could also have a modular design with magnets on the back that will allow you to attach hardware accessories, similar to Motorla’s Moto Mods.



The Galaxy S9 is going to have a great and upgraded camera, like all the iterations in the S series. A leaked image seemingly showing the S9’s retail box, listed a 12MP Dual Pixel lens with optical image stabilization. It’s the same as the Galaxy S8 but it might *have* a variable f/1.5-2.4 aperture. This will allow it to switch between f/1.5 for low light pictures, and f/2.4 for when you have better lighting and you want more of the photo to be in focus. It will also have a 8MP front-facing camera, supporting super slow-mo. Industry sources claim that Samsung is working on a rear camera that shoot 1000 frames per second. Differences in the camera on the S9 and S9 Plus are quite possible, just the like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the standard S9 could have a single lens and the S9 Plus could have a dual lens.

OS and power


Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 845, an octa core with four cores running at 2.8GHz and four at 1.8GHz. This chipset will likely be powering US verions of the S9 while countries outside the US will be getting Samsung’s own Exynos 9810. The Snapdragon 845 allows cameras to record 4K Ultra HD videos at 60fps. Samsung’s Exynos includes an LTE modem which ‘apperantly’ supports download speeds of 1.2GBps, this means you could potentially download a High Definition movie within 10 seconds.

Samsung will apparently stick with the 4GB of RAM spec, it’s unlikely that we will get 6GB of RAM. One source claims the S9 Plus might get 6GB of RAM while the standard S9 might get 4GB, with either 64GB or 128GB storage.


Not much details of the battery have been spotted but one of the big chipset development may allow for a much bigger battery. A report suggests Samsung will now use substrate-like PCB tech that will allow the Exynos chipset manufacturer to add a bigger without increasing the size of the processor. That means the S9’s running the Qualcomm Snapdragon won’t get the extra battery, but this could mean big improvements for the the S9’s running Exynos Wireless charging will be included too, an image supposedly showing the retail box lists wireless charging.


A new rumor suggests the Galaxy S9 will get a boosted iris scanner with 3Mp from 2MP on the S8 and will better recognize your eyes even if you wearing glasses or the your have poor lighting. Another source claims the Dex docking station will get an update that will allow you to charge and type on the screen too which could mean you will not need a keyboard and mouse.

The sound will get an upgrade too, there are rumors of the Galaxy S9 having AKG stereo speakers and a free set of Bluetooth AKG headphones. Both were listed on the image seemingly showing the phones retails box. There’s evidence that it could have a dual-SIM slot, though that model will be limited to parts of Asia.

The Galaxy S9 seems to be coming a lot sooner that we expected it but from what we know about it so far, we’d say it’s definatly worth the excitement. It may have all the typical upgrades for a new flagship in the S series, but no actually there will be new and awesome features. The design too will also be a lot a sleeker than the previous S8, but *how much we’ll really love this device, we’ll hace to wait and see*.


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