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So if you don’t what rAge Expo is, rAge Expo is South Africa’s biggest gaming, tech and geek culture exhibition that takes place every year, on the first weekend of October in Johannesburg. One can compare rAge Expo to the more globally well known game exhibition, PAX(Penny Arcade eXpo). One of the most loved feature of rAge is the NAG LAN, which is a section of the exhibition where gamers can all come together with their gaming rigs, connect to the same LAN, and game all weekend long! If you are going to be joining the NAG LAN, you should not expect to sleep at all throughout the weekend, and if you are going to need your sleep, you’d have to camp right by your rig. Ultimately, rAge Expo is an escape to the galaxy of geek.

rAge Expo 2017 had all of 2017’s main new games, consoles, VR’s, gaming PC’s and etc. It had everything you’d expect at a game exhibition, though the joy of experiencing them for the first time at rAge just never gets old. We got try out new and unreleased games like Call of Duty: World War II, Assassins Creed Origins and Mario Plus Rabbids. Sure the lines for these games were really lengthy(as expected), though finally being next in line after a wait of about 30 minutes, brought so much joy withing me I even forgot how long I had waited. The booths that really seemed to be an audience magnet were the Call Of Duty : World War II and Assassins: Origins booths. The lines were so long they went all the way around the booths but after getting my hands on these games, I had no regrets for the time wasted in the line.

Call Of Duty: World War II

At rAge 2017, we got to try out the latest installment of the Call of Duty series, Call Of Duty World War II. The line for this game was really long as expected. You’d be really lucky to find yourself in front of the line before it piles up, as the line for this booth grew really quick. We were all let in group by group which made the line go a lot faster. Going inside the booth, you find about 15-20 gaming computers that included a gaming keyboard and mouse, and a pair of headphones. Unfortunatly there were no chairs by the computers so you had play for about 10 minutes(which was the amount of time we were all alocated to play) while standing. Playing COD: WWII for just about 10 mins, left us crying for more of it. It really does let you experience the struggles of World War II, in first person.

Assassins Creed: Origins

Assassins Creed had a similar set up as Call of Duty. The lines for this game too were really long, you’d need a lot of patience to wait in line for this game. In the game, you are an assassin(obviously), in Ancient Egypt during the Ptolemaic period

PlayStation VR

We were really hyped to find PS VR there. Experiencing the PS VR wasn’t really worth all the excitement I had for it but it was still enjoyable. It doesn’t really *fill up* your field of vision, there are quite big black bars on the top, bottom and sides. It’s as though you are looking at a screen. We got to play Gran Tourismo with this VR, and it was quite enjoyable. I kept on looking around the car and behind me while racing, just because it’s a VR. It’s an ‘OK’ simulation of driving a real car but it could still get more real.

ESL African Championships

While at the expo, we also got to watch Bravado Gaming take on Vibora’s in CS:GO, at the semi-finals of the ESL African
Championships. Like many of us South Africans had wished, Bravado made it to the finals. Unfortanatly Bravado didn’t success in the final match against eNergy

Rage Expo had a lot for people experience, but the four features of rAge 2017 above are what I thought was worth mentioning about this year’s rAge. I hope this article has to built enough excitement in you to feel the need to attend the next rAge expo, if you haven’t before.

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