Nintendo 2DS XL – The budget friendly 3DS XL

Nintendo still has the crown of handheld consoles! I mean right now can anyone think of any portable console that can stand against Nintendo’s latest 2017 releases, the Switch and 2DS XL? No, unless if you  include IOS and Android gaming in the ring but that’s for another match. There’s a difference between mobile  gaming(mobile devices) and handheld gaming(portable consoles).

In early 2017 Nintendo debuted it’s game-changing hybrid console, The Nintendo Switch, which was major success.  The concept of this console was clearly communicated and everybody understood what exactly it was all about(Unlike the Wii U).bundle1

A few months after the release of the Switch, Nintendo released the 2DS XL, which is an addition to the DS family and stands between the Nintendo 2DS and the New 3DS XL.

Nintendo 2DS XL short review:

The 2DS XL was released in late July with it’s market price floating around $150/ZAR2500. You can look at this handheld as a budget-friendly 3DS XL, but who still feels the need to own a 3DS in 2017? I mean it’s already deep in it’s life cycle and now we moving on  to the Switch, though with the release of a 2DS XL in 2017, it creates an impression that Nintendo wishes to keep the DS system running and shows their commitment to the handheld market. The 2DS XL is a 2DS packed with 3DS XL hardware, only this time it has hinges so you can fold it and slip into your  pocket without the need of a case to travel around with it. It has larger screens compared to the original 2DS, with an NFC reader on the bottom screen.frame_0000_270h

If you already own 3DS XL, there’s isn’t much need for you to spend a cent on this new device, though if you are still on any  of the previous DS models, making an upgrade to 2DS XL will totally be worth it, or if you just want to jump into the huge library of games it offers.

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