Levi’s high tech Jacket | Levi Commuter smart jacket

Google plus Levi’s equals Levi Commuter smart jacket, the high-tech jacket that you can only wash 10 times

It’s always interesting when tech Giants such as Google take technology else where either the usual Smartphones, tablets, pc’s and etc. In 2013, Google released the Google Glass, which were a pair of glasses packed with Smartphone functionality. When the Google Glass was announced, I was really excited for what it had to offer. I was in love with idea of having a whole bunch of Android apps hanging right in front of your eyes, but to be honest and straight forward, the Google Glass was a flop. A lot of consumers worldwide just seemed to have no interest in it, and people just didn’t understand it. The Google Glass wasn’t a device that would replace your smartphone, nor would it work with your phone like a Smartwatch, so people just didn’t understand it’s use.

This time, Google partnered with Levi Strauss to manufacture a high-tech jacket with a few tricks up its sleeve. It has intelligent capacitive fibers woven into the fabric, which allow you to perform hand gestures on the cuff. The jacket connects to your phone via a Bluetooth app which is like the control center of the smart jacket. It has 3 main gestures, swipe-in, swipe-out and double tap. You can customize the gestures to do what ever you want, like double tap to pause/play music, swipe-in for next song, or swipe-out to reject calls.

This smart jacket can be very convinient for those who travel on bike quite often. When you get on your bike, the app automatically sets to reading all your notifications out loud, which can be very annoying. Fortunately, it has a setting called Ping, which will only allow calls and messages from certain selected contacts so you are less distracted on the road.

The cuff also vibrates like a smart watch when you have an incoming notification. Because of all the technology that went into this jacket, Google says you should not wash this jacket more than ten times, which is definetly gonna be a problem to a lot of people. With such a limited amount of times you can wash it, it’s not a jacket you should expect to last for more than a year and still function like it should.

The Levi Commuter smart jacket will cost around $350. Yes, just about the price of a designer jacket. The high price and the fact that you can only wash it ten times, is gonna have a lot people questioning whether they should own one. The tech it has to offer seems to be quite promising, though it’s something a smart watch could’ve handled pretty well.


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